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A good, old fashion rant, full of profanities over misconceptions of craft beer. Article:

Dry, Wet and Fresh hopped beers are all different terms to describe ways of hopping a beer. But are they antagonistic terms? Hell no!! Now there's "Fractional" beers. What's up with not using the term "Session"? Is it a marketing ploy?

Cans are the best container for beer. But should you drink beer directly from the can, or pour it a non-metallic container first. Whether it's a Dixie or Solo cup, a sippy cup or just a glass, doesn't beer taste better when it's removed from the metallic can?

Magic Hat Brewing Co. is suing West 6th Brewing Co. for similar, Trademarked logos. Total bullshit.

Larry Bell wants all Michigan growler fills done by non-breweries to have clean tap lines. Cool. But what about people drinking pints? Or how about his own tap lines at his Eccentric Café?

Do you avoid Goose Island just because they're owned by AB Inbev?

The inaugural Mr. Liquid Bread Rant where AJ Kuehner and I bitch about the early release of Oktoberfest, Pumpkin and Christmas craft beers.

Bitching about people reviews domestic macro beers.

Mr. Liquid Bread and AJ Kuehner discuss the issues with Beer Snobs and their infatuation with their "White Whale" beers.

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